Christmas Card 2018

Time again for our yearly Christmas phamily photo challenge! This year, Charlie was up to his antics again… couldn’t resist climbing atop the Chevy II to ride the tree home from the Christmas tree lot. He’s a tough little guy though, so no worries!

No Chevys were harmed in the making of this photo…

But it did take dad an entire day of photoshopping each person’s best face into the final photo!

Treated with onOne Perfect Effects for the dramatic look.

Merry Christmas to all!

Two more kid photos

Continuing with the photo started post-Halloween, these two were with my youngest boys. The Robin Hood costume was another half-price post-Halloween costume, with an English castle thrown in the back thanks to Grandpa!

The foosball pic was Becca’s idea, and I shot him playing foosball first, then shot the mini-player pictures of him after lining them up to the real foosball players on the original shot.

Kid Photos

Nothing gives me greater joy than looking back on fun photos I’ve made with my kids, but it’s easy to get caught up in the busy-ness of business and let long stretches of time go between these fun projects. This Fall I decided to get out and have some fun with the younger ones! The first one was a costume bought on sale after Halloween, plus a cheap light globe from an antique store that had a remote flash triggering whenever I pressed the shutter. I dropped in a few background elements from other places and then coloured it all to make it look connected. Lightroom and Photoshop are the main programs used, with the final look being achieved in OnOne Perfect Effects.

Philips-Eyeline Commercial

Becca and I recently had the pleasure of working with Philips Lighting (now called Signify) on a commercial for a new fixture. This light needed an intro video that would be released on Twitter, and the campaign was a huge success.

While the video was written by the great people at Philips, we did everything else on the video. From the shooting and editing, to the music and sound.

Shawnigan Lake School-A Tribute video for the Headmaster.

Becca and I had one of our favourite filming experiences last winter. Our job was to go to Shawnigan Lake Private School on Vancouver Island to film people talking about David Robertson, the now former headmaster of the school.

We got to spend several days with the amazing staff, and then spent a month editing everyone’s responses down to the final video. The video was played at a gala fundraiser for the school, and we had the honour of attending it.

David Robertson is a great man, and both of us were so inspired by the experience!