Project Do Stuf Day 5-Short Film Edit and Music

Today's project was doing music/ sound/ editing for a short film that John Hantke and I shot over Christmas break. 

I'm so glad to get it done, we got some fun shots in there! It was a challenge to get it done in time, but I'm happy with it!

Please pass what I am doing on to your friends, let people know about Project Do Stuf! 

Next week promises to be an exciting one: studio design, music video for Andrew Harback, veteran interview and a recording project!


Project Do Stuf Day 1-Music and Edit for Kids Video

I managed to finish the music and sound design for our fun little family project, it even premiered for a couple hundred people tonight at the film festival!

It was a bit tight working on it, but I think it will suffice!  I threw on some Magic Bullet Looks and exported!!  I hope you enjoy it, the crowd seemed to like it, and my kids are amazing!!! Bella was a real trooper on this one.

The film festival was a lot of fun, it was great to see all the students and their projects, a lot of really talented actors/ filmmakers/ composers at TWU!  I'm so proud of the ones I've had the pleasure of teaching!

The movie I shot/ edited/ and did sound and music for won best picture at the ceremony too!  I'll be posting the film shortly, the actor is Donald Adams, and he is AMAZING.  He also won best actor.