Sendai, the other city I know...

For the past 3 and a half years I have worked pretty much full time for a company called Wine Studios based in Sendai, Japan.  Everyone now knows of the town, before this, I would mention it and people would shake their heads.  I was there for two weeks in February, and was also there in the summer, so the places are very very fresh in my mind.  I just missed the earthquake, and am thankful that I wasn't there when it happened, but I'm saddened by the losses many of my friends are going through.


I just heard from several of them after a weekend of uncertainty, and it seems that my people there have all been spared.  The studio that I work for has suffered damage, but the people are all okay!  I couldn't have been happier to hear this.  I'll post back with more updates as I get them.


Here are some pictures of from Sendai just 3 short weeks ago.



CreativeLIVE BTS with me!

Kenna and Susan literally cornered me and got this little interview... now I don't have to type it on my blog!  Let it be known that I ALSO truly love Tony Robbins and everything that he does.  Maybe one day I'll be a motivational speaker... maybe I already am!  I just love Tony's bottom line-being grateful, and I couldn't be any more grateful with the way things have gone recently!