CreativeLive Workshop Day 3

About to start the workshop for day 3, it's been an amazing weekend so far!  The first day had a lot of great information for all of us, the second was incredible getting to film/ interview Miguel Edwards, an inspired and unbelievably talented Seattle artist that works in many art forms including sculpture and photography.  He was more than willing to let us interview him and provided us with some excellent footage for our documentary short.

The six of us students on set have had a great time as well.  We've all known each other for about 48 hours, but we're feeling like we've been hangin out for years.  We all have researched the same blogs and studied the same videos, so we can all finish each others statements about pretty much anything video/ photography related.  

Yesterday I got to meet Chase Jarvis, the local and infamous photographer/ cinematographer/ motivator!  He was very gracious, and is most definitely as nice in real life as he comes off on the interwebs.  I also got to meet Guy Cochran from the DVestore, someone else that I have watched countless times on his videos.  What impresses me about Vincent, Chase, Guy, and everyone at Creativelive is how willingly they part with their precious information that has got them so far.  This democratization of creativity didn't have the backlash that pro's were so afraid of in the past- people didn't start stealing their jobs, instead people are now discovering creative abilities that would have otherwise stayed dormant. 

I am so honoured to be a part of this revolution, an I hope I can take away the motivation and fearlessness to get going on the next chapter of my life, making movies!  Thanks for your consideration Mr Vincent!!

“Be fearless. At the end of the day, what I am talking about is the democratization of creativity. It starts with you."-Chase Jarvis