Baby Micah is born!

Finally getting to blog about my new dude, born Sept 3 at 2:31 PM.  He came over 2 weeks early, but still managed to weigh in at a whopping 8lbs 13 ounces! (which is actually the lightest we seem to make em).  He's number four of our brood, and seems to fit right in.  He's sleeping well, eating well, and changing every day.  

This whole childbirth thing never gets old, even by the fourth one I'm still blown away by the experience.  Becca was amazing again, and maintained such composure throughout the birth it was incredible.  It was by far the most literal Labour Day weekend she's ever had!  

The other kids are rising to the occasion, and there's usually a battle over who gets to hold him.  He's never going to be short a baby sitter!  Here are some pics of the latest addition to the loves of my life!