Project Do Stuf

I'm just getting ready for a self-inflicted project that I will most likely be starting next week.  I'm calling it "Project Do Stuf".  

 Project Do Stuf involves me doing, well... stuff every day of the week for one whole month.  The projects are up to me but must adhere to several guidlines:

-will be anything to do with: Photography, Film/ Video, Editing, Sound Design, Music, Composition, and Recording arts

-each day's task must be completed by the end of the day ("day" being a loose term here, might end at 5AM!)

-each day's progress will be uploaded to my site/ Facebook

-suggestions for projects may also be given!

Why am I doing this?  The main reasons are to kick off my new phase as a composer/ photographer/ videographer/ sound designer.  Yes I am wanting to do all of those things, and yes I feel up to the task of doing all of them, and doing them well.  I just finished my gig as a composer/ sound designer for an ESL program, writing over 300 pieces with my buddy Josh Friesen.  Over the last 5 years I've been studying video/ photo in most spare moments, and I'm ready to dive into them head first, but I need to build up my portfolio!

I'm also hoping this project will inspire others to do stuff.  We all have so many different talents, but we mostly sit on them, and let other people achieve their goals.  If I can influence others to get creating, I will be most proud of that achievement!

Stay posted and I'll let you all know the exact starting/ finishing dates!