Project Do Stuf Day 4-Random Photo Shoot

Well, it's nice out.  So I'm heading out with camera and gear, going to drive around and take lots of pictures of... random stuff.  No other guidelines than shooting stuff I've seen for a long time and thought "that would make a sweet picture".  The music playlist today will consist of James Hill on heavy repeat, one of my favorite albums ever.  Do yoself a big ole flavour and check him out!

I'll post some tonight. Have a great day everyone!

Later that day...

So here are the photos.  Go to the gallery to see more.  I had a nice time driving all around Langley and looking for stuf.  I ended up almost exclusively using the Sigma 20mm 1.8 lens on the 5D MKII.  It is a super wide lens on the 5D, and when the lens is wide open it has some really intense vignetting.  Lucky for me I love vignetting.  I also had an ND8 filter on it, so it allowed me to open the lens right up and get effects that you would normally do in Fotoshop.