Project Do Stuf Day 8-WWII Vet Interview

Today was an amazing day for PDS.  I got to go to a WWII veteran's home, and film him/ hang out for the day! His name is Boyd Affleck, and he fought for Canada in the last few years of the war.  He shared some incredible stories.  He shared details of a war and a situation that I (we) can not even fathom.  The things this man has been through would definitely bring the strongest of our generation to their knees.  I feel so indebted to these people, and I hope that I can inspire others to remember these guys, especially since there are so few left with us.

I'm very grateful for the time I spent there today, and I may post portions of the interview online, but I will leave that up to Boyd once he sees the footage.  This may just be a Project that only gets seen by his family, but it was a really great experience.

Here is an email that was sent to Boyd from some of his friends in Holland, that were related to those that were protected and set free by Boyd and so many others in the Canadian military:

In Holland they never forget the price that was paid for their freedom:

"We think of you a lot, especially today. Harlingen celebrates and remembers the day we were set free. Carmen is in her last year of the Elementary School and the class went to the cemetery. Very impressive that was, at all ages, though. We think of you with fond memories of your visits, first with your dear, dear wife Ruth and later with your ever so kind daughter Eileen. But when it is April 17, we always think of this young man from Canada, fighting for justice and peace and we are so grateful. So, dear friend from the other side of the ocean: thank you again."

Incredibly powerful words. You are an amazing man Boyd!