Project Do Stuf Day 10-Jasmine Star

Today I knew my good friends at creativeLIVE were hosting Jasmine Star for a 3 day workshop, so I decided to follow up on a project I thought about a few weeks ago when I was watching her on Youtube... She had this incredible video where she basically rapped a motivational speech for a big crowd.  It was so moving and I knew I had to play around with it.

So for PDS Day 10, I decided to create some music, and edit her vocals to fit into a "song".  It was a lot of fun, and I had the workshop on in the background so it was a little surreal!

Check out creativeLIVE this weekend, Jasmine has done workshops before, and they are SO worth watching, her energy and passion is like no one I've seen before.  She really empowers people with the way she talks!

If you haven't seen creativeLIVE before, check it out now!  They are basically giving information away for free, and then packing that info up for purchase for anyone that wants it down the road.  Again, it's like nothing I've seen before, such a great service they are providing for creative folk like me!