Project Do Stuf Day 12: Shylo Photo Shoot

Today was one of those incredible days where everything just works! (unlike yesterday where I almost tossed my 5D MKII into a river!)  

First off, Justin Carlson just shows up unannounced from White Rock with a 70-200L and a 14mm L lens in response to my offhand FB remark for me to shoot with!  These are not your father's lenses... unless you're... Justin's kids.

Then, Shylo and I head off to Fort Langley, the weather network couldn't have been more off, it's a perfect day for shooting!  

My gear is working beautifully, and we find ourselves in the old Fort shooting some of my favourite shots.  It was definitely a day to note as one where I feel like I am on the right path!

Anyhow, tomorrow is editing day, but I will give you a sneak preview of what is to come.  In the meantime, check out Shylo's music page, this girl is going to go supernova very soon!!