Shoot with Justin

Justin Carlson took me along to shoot on our matching 5D MKIIIs yesterday, it was a great shoot and dealt with mental health.  I grew up in a house with an Uncle that was schizophrenic, he was so ill that he eventually succumbed to the disease.  Needless to say this topic is very important to me, and it was an honour to see doctors dealing with mental illness in general and the new techniques they are using to help people.  

On a lighter note, Justin usually just gets me along so he can get his lighting setups perfect, and capture rogue images of me when I'm not prepared (no I wasn't texting on the job, I was researching a camera issue!)

Thanks for taking me on the shoot Justin, it really meant a lot to me.  It was tough but wonderful to have one of the most important men in my life, Uncle Doug on my mind and heart throughout the day.