Texture Wraps

This post is for my old student Iain!

I took notes while Lindsay Adler was on Creative Live, and tried out my own texture wrap, click below the to see the steps!

Create a map of the face

-command click on the RGB layer channels in photoshop

-makes a selection

-hit layer mask button in the bottom of the channels layer

-create an alpha 1 layer

-hit duplicate channel (flyout menu in the top of the bar)

-save that file, new, new document

-change the image-mode of the face to grayscale

-blur out your picture a little bit

-filter-blur-guassian-2 pixels

-go to levels and add contrast to the photo to make it more contrasty

-save the image as a PSD

Open up a texture

-make sure texture is EXACTLY the same size as your original photo

-filter-distort-displace, try these numbers as a default: 10 and -10

-where is the map from-pick the displacement map .psd

-flatten the image

Grab the original photo of the headshot

-drag the texture photo and hold the shift key when putting it on top of the face image

-change the blend mode of the texture and see which works best, takes some experimentation!