Project Do Stuf Day 6, 7 and 8

Despite the lack of posts, Project Do Stuf 2014 has been alive and well!

On Monday we decided to shoot my incredible car, a 4-door 1966 Chevy II Nova that I purchased last summer.  The car has taken me to school almost every day this year, and it's been fantastic.  I can fit all 6 of our family members in it!  It was restored by a local guy, and the final pieces put together by the guy I bought it from, and it runs really well.  I love antiques, and to be able to drive one feels like a huge privilege to me!  

For this video I got my dad and my son to star in it, we had an awesome time driving around.  Plus I got my dad to wash the car out of the deal (and a free ice cream)!

I used the Canon C100, and shot it in a way to hack slow motion out of a cinema camera that technically doesn't have slowmo.  It ended up working out really well.

Day 6 was spent shooting, day 7 was the edit, and today day 8 I spent the day writing and recording the music.  I hope you enjoy it!  Please share the link and like it on Facebook.