My online presence has decreased over the last year, and that is 100% due to the fact that I have devoted a chunk of time every single day of this year to the practicing of my instruments, specifically in jazz.  I have always wanted to immerse myself in jazz.  I have had amazing lessons from my incredibly talented best friend fo-life Tobi Crawford over the last 20 years, but I never committed the time it takes to get this musical language into my fingers.  It's now November and I'm almost done my year of commitment to this, and it's been amazing to see how fast I am growing as a jazz musician.  I have a long ways to go, but I've now gone past the "why am I practicing every day, I still suck" and am at the point where I can see the results coming out of my fingers.  Part of my daily routine is not only on piano but also on the trumpet, and that's been an equally challenging thing.  I played for a couple years in high school, but had to start from scratch.

I've spent way too much money on jazz records over the last year, but every day has been a chance to immerse myself further in the jazz recordings from the 40's to the 70's.  I check blogs every day like the incredible jazzwax blog by Marc Myers. Of course I buy many records from my pal Krazy Bob in the City of Langley.  And recently I've been attending any jazz shows I can get to.  I discovered Whatcom Jazz Music Arts Center in Bellingham, and I've gone to as many shows as I can (every Wednesday night).  Here are some photos of one of the concerts featuring Julian McDonough on Drums (he's the organizer of the whole thing) Miles Black on piano, Steve Kaldestad on Saxophone and Adam Thomas on bass.  These small concerts are amazing, the playing is some of the best in the world right now, so definitely check it out!