Project Do Stuf hits

Today Project Do Stuf is being featured on Jeremy Cowart's website!  Jeremy Cowart tweeted a few weeks ago looking for guest bloggers to post about interesting projects they have been working on, so I sent in Project Do Stuf!  Make sure to go check out the other guest blog posts, they all have some facet to them that relates to the type of work that Jeremy does.  I'm honored to be put in the same category as these people, the projects on there are so inspiring and motivate me to try to get out there and help others.

I found out about Jeremy over the last few years as I was getting deeper into photography.  Jeremy is a contributor at creativeLIVE and I watched through all of the workshops he did there, as well as workshops featured on other sites.  He is an amazing photographer and artist, shooting the likes of some of the most famous people in North America (also some of my favorite artists like Imogen Heap, my recording students know how uch I love her music!) Jeremy has no problems sharing his tricks of the trade, and inspires others to give in their professions.

Jeremy does many humanitarian projects including something called Help Portrait.  This is a voluntary group of photographers all over North America that hosts special days of shooting to anyone that can't afford to have their picture taken.  Families will come out, sick or destitute people come out, anyone "in need" can come and they all get an amazing portrait of themselves.  It sounds simple, but the act results in people leaving with a bit more confidence, self-respect, or a memory of a time in their life that may be passing.

Be sure to check out Jeremy's site.  

A great video showing what Jeremy is about

MASTER SERIES: Jeremy Cowart's Humanitatian Projects from Profoto USA on Vimeo.